About Mee: In 1969, Thomas Mee Jr., a former Cornell University research scientist, founded Mee Industries. For over 45 years Mee Industries has led the world with innovative fogging technology. Mee Industries now provides an array of solutions for purifying water, supporting the core meefog products. Because of Mee Industries’ long-term investment in our products and employees, we will continue to adhere to the priorities that have made the business successful—customers, technology, and research and development—and we strive to continue our record growth. Mee Industries is an ISO 9001 certified corporation and manufactures components to meet UL or CE requirements.

Mee Industries Inc. Certificate Index


Mee Industries Inc. has registered their Quality Management System, through TUV SUD America to ISO 9001:2008. Our registration signifies that Mee Industries meets international standards to drive continual improvement. View Certificate


Harmonized standards are accepted by the European legislators as providing proof of compliance with the directive(s). Mee Industries Inc. meets these requirements and certification procedures allowing us to use the CE marking on our products.


This facility is authorized to produce UL certified 508A industrial control panels, possessing valid files for both the United States and Canada. We can also label most industrial control enclosures to UL 508A as well.