Key Benefits for Commercial & Light Industrial Applications
    1. PLC controlled unit with Touch Screen HMI display easily integrates into Building Automation Systems
    2. Designed to provide required capacity even at cold temperatures. Ideal for operation in colder regions
    3. High rejection, energy saving & low fouling membranes provide higher purity water with less energy and maintenance
    4. Single Point electrical connection for RO & Distribution Pump Controls

    With over 45 years of experience and a global network of sales and service representatives, Mee Industries offers an extensive line of equipment ideal for use in various applications ranging from commercial, institutional as well as both light and heavy industry applications.

    Various water treatment systems are available including

    • Water Softeners
    • Iron & Manganese Filters
    • Carbon Filters
    • Media Filters
    • Chemical Dosing Units
    • Micro/Ultra-Filtration Units
    • Reverse Osmosis Units
    • Electro-Deionization Units
    • Portable Ion Exchange Vessets

    Key RO Components
    Standard Features
    • Rugged corrosion resistant stainless steel frame
    • Automated alarmed shut-off and divert valves
    • PLC controller with transmitters
    • Low fouling, energy saving TFC membranes
    • Panel-mounted pressure gauges, meters, and valves
    • 5 micron inlet filter
    • Touch screen HMI control interface
    • Automated membrane flushing

    Add-On Features

    Can Be Integrated onto RO Skid

    • UV re-circulation system
    • Storage tank with adjustable level control for auto start/stop
    • UV Re-pressurization pump

    Ultra Pure Electro De-Ionization (EDI) Water Treatment
    Benefits of Using Mee Industrial EDI Water Treatment
    1. Various module types provide high purity water even up to 18 M?-cm resistivity.
    2. Acid & Caustic Chemical regeneration are eliminated from the normal operation process.
    3. Mixed bed quality water is continuously produced meaning no downtime due to regeneration.
    4. Eliminate the need for constant change out of portable DI tanks reducing sanitizing of DI loop systems.
    5. Guaranteed Leak Free operation

    There is a growing industrial demand for high purity water, but few systems are both economical and efficient. Mee Industries’ EDI modules offer an efficient and reliable method for the production of high purity water. In place of traditional ion-exchange processes, EDI modules eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals to regenerate the resins while also eliminating the downtime required for the regeneration process.

    These high purity water systems are utilized in the power industry, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and other industries

    About Mee Industries

    In 1969, Thomas Mee Jr., a former Cornell University research scientist, founded Mee Industries. For over 45 years Mee Industries has led the world with innovative fogging technology. Mee Industries now provides an array of solutions for purifying water, supporting the core Meefog products. Because of Mee Industries’ long-term investment in our products and employees, we will continue to adhere to the priorities that have made the business successful—customers, technology, and research and development—and we strive to continue our record growth.