Cooling Greenhouses with Fog Systems

Fog cooling systems have quickly become the best way to enhance greenhouse environments for any sort of cultivation. Over at MeeFog™, we’ve dedicated decades of research and hard work to create the most efficient experience for all our agricultural customers, so that they can continue putting the beauty and nourishment of nature into the homes, gardens and kitchens of everyday people.

So, what are fog cooling systems, and how have we used them to help cool greenhouses around the world since 1970? To briefly sum it up, we use stainless steel tubing to attach an interconnected network of nozzles to the greenhouse’s water supply, and then use those nozzles to spray a thin mist over an entire section. This high-pressure spray ensures that all plants in the greenhouse are not over-wet (to protect their root zone) and to efficiently bring the general temperature of the greenhouse down using 100% pure atomized water.

When MeeFog™ is asked about greenhouse cooling systems, we begin by assessing the ideal pump unit for our client’s situation. These can range from 1 to 15 gallons per minute flows at 1,000 PSI. The widely varying measures of GPM serve to provide a greenhouse of any size a nice, cooled and misted plant zone. Perfect for growing all sorts of plants, no matter the natural climate.

Greenhouse evaporative coolers, while not often considered a top priority during greenhouse construction, are some of the most vital pieces of equipment for creating an efficient growing area.

We hope you find this insight into greenhouse cooling helpful and grant the team at MeeFog™ the opportunity to quote your next project!