Our new manager, @kevinpaulmagill, was able to quickly apply thick fog all over our larger areas. Cuttings were surrounded by a SUPER fine mist WITHOUT over saturating the foliage and WITHOUT impacting the wetness of the soil in the slightest! It’s exactly what you want to achieve when battling botrytis. Score: 10 out of 10.

Lisa Takao-McCall – Takao Nursery

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Takao Nursery

Good system overall. Very good service and reliability.

Ralph Zito – Georgia Pacific


“With the MeeFog system there is less maintenance. We just have to change the oil, change the filters and we are done.”

Eric Patterson – Facility Manager, One Neck

OneNeck DataCenter

You make things easy and we appreciate that we can send nozzles to you to clean.

Katrina Lindahl – Woodland Park Zoological Garden

Woodland Park Zoological Garden

We’ve been using the Mobile-Mee everyday for the past few months as a means of sanitizing our indoor fitness center and pool area. This has greatly reduced the time employees would have had to spend sanitizing, saving us thousands of dollars this summer. The system also provides a level of comfort for our members because the Club is maintaining a safe and sanitary environment.

Craig Sloane, CCM – General Manager, Altadena Town & Country Club

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Altadena Town & Country Club