Any water-soluble solutions will work.

We recommend the system is used once the area is empty. Make sure to read the label of the chemical in use and follow the guidelines.

The Mobile-Mee is very easy to maintain, change the filters occasionally and change the pump oil every 500 hours of use.

We offer a one year warranty.

Units typically ship within two weeks of order.

For over 50 years Mee Industries Inc. has been the leader of innovative water fog technology. MeeFog™ Systems are used to humidify and cool industrial applications and to create dynamic special effects. With the COVID-19 crisis, we recognized the possibility of applying our technology to surface decontamination. This realization kicked off an intensive development project that resulted in the Mobile-Mee High Volume Fog Sprayer. This technology is being used today to atomize disinfectants providing an effective way to fight Coronavirus and other airborne viruses.