MeeFog’s History, and Future

Over 50 years ago, Thomas Mee Jr. started Mee Industries Inc. As a scientist, he strove to create products that would help pilot our world into a brighter future. These days, we continue his legacy through engineering and building the best custom-made fog systems for applications ranging from greenhouse cooling to power augmentation systems for electrical generation plants.

These systems are being used to increase the production and quality of virtually everything we use in our modern lives; the food we eat, the textiles we wear, the furniture we sit on, the printed paper we read, the computer servers that form the internet, and even the air we breath. In particular building HVAC systems, where we have replaced old-fashioned steam humidifiers increasing human comfort and reducing the spread of diseases, while consuming just one percent of the energy used by the old steam system. In fact, fog cooling has been so successful that even huge computer server rooms have adopted it, keeping the temperature and humidity levels controlled 24/7.

With Mr. Mee being a cloud physicist, Mee Industries has had deep roots in the science and technology of water atomization from the very beginning. The early decades of his career were spent studying natural clouds and fogs. Today, we have technology that sprouted from his early experiments with cloud seeding, which required producing droplets the size of natural cloud drops. We have continued the tradition of doing more fundamental research into the process, and our findings can be found in many published papers and articles on the subject of water atomization.

Since the advent of the COVID-19 crisis, we recognized the potential for our fogging technology to be applied to surface decontamination. After an intensive development, we developed our newest product, the Mobile Mee, high-volume fog spraying system.


Equipped with fog nozzles that produce an average droplet size of just 10 microns, the Mobile-Mee can produce a fog that covers surfaces in a thin film of any water-based disinfectant chemical. The chemical film quickly kills pathogens and evaporates to dryness within a minute or two, so it is not necessary to wipe down the surfaces after spraying. The Mobile-Mee can also project a fog spray over twenty feet, so that one operator with a Mobile-Mee unit can do the work of ten people using other low-volume sprayers. Rooms as large as a classroom can often be disinfected in a minute or less.
Going forward, we hope to continue helping people flourish, so we can all create a better tomorrow.