Mobile-Mee Case Study at Altadena Town & Country Club

“Using the Mobile-Mee every day for the past few months has reduced the time employees invest in sanitizing and wiping down our indoor fitness center and pool area by a factor of four, saving us thousands of dollars this summer and providing a level of comfort for our members that the club is maintaining a safe and sanitary environment.”

Craig Sloane, CCM, General Manager, Altadena Town & Country Club

The Challenge

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the club shut its doors for several months. Even when the lockdown eased, members were understandably hesitant to resume social activities. Club staff went to great lengths to sanitize spaces and make members comfortable enough to resume on-site activities, yet it took a substantial amount of time for a team of employees to disinfect and wipe down all surfaces and touch points.

Their massive pool deck presented itself as a different beast. Sized at 135 feet by 85 feet, the standard procedure was for staff to clean the pool deck at the end of the day. However, cleaning and sanitization now had to take place during half-hour breaks scheduled between reserved slots for social distancing purposes. It would take four people to clean, wipe down and sanitize the entire area.

The Solution

After experimenting with some consumer-type misters, Altadena Town & Country Club purchased the Mobile-Mee High Volume Fogger. Its industrial-grade design helped the organization reduce the number of personnel required for sanitation from four to only one. How? Well, the powerful pump of an industrial sprayer in conjunction with a unique multi-nozzle design produces a fog composed of micro-fine droplets – much smaller than those produced by other sprayers. Equipped with a 20-foot spray distance, it provided an unbeatable degree of penetration for water-based disinfectants.

One worker alone can bring out the fog sprayer and cover the entire pool deck with fog in minutes. They then wipe down all showers, changing rooms, dining tables, lounge chairs, and other surfaces in the 11,500 square foot pool deck to complete the sanitization process. As a bonus, they were able to utilize the Mobile-Mee to sanitize all surfaces in the indoor fitness center.